meeCassie Yusofi was born in Afghanistan and grew up in the Netherlands since she arrived there with her family as a political refugee at the age of 4. She obtained her LL.B in European Law at Maastricht University, Humboldt Universitaet Berlin and Universidad del Pais Vasco. She is doing her LL.M. in European & International Law at the University of Amsterdam. Currently she lives in the Philippines for her internship at the Netherlands Embassy.

Trying to understand the suffering of the women from her birth country, she wrote her thesis about the development of women’s rights in Afghanistan, and all the obstacles that it is facing. This paper held a lot of emotional value for her and she felt she had to do something. When she joined the Salvation Army’s project ‘Rights in Sight’, she consulted a human trafficking victim who escaped forced prostitution. This project made her realize how little women are aware of their rights, and made her think of a practical way she can provide legal information in the form of articles & papers.

Marcella Mimageedit_2_5078461024izzi was born in Italy and grew up between Italy and the Netherlands. She obtained a LL.B. and a cum laude LL.M. in international law from Maastricht University. During her exchange semester at the University of Sussex, she attended a gender studies course, which sparked her interest in women’s rights and gender issues. Her Bachelor Thesis was a feminist critique of the CEDAW and its jurisprudence’s approach dealing with customary discrimination of women.

Among her experiences, she has worked for organizations, such as, Amnesty International’s Centre for International Justice, The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute and UNHCR. She also obtained a certificate on refugees’ protection from the University of London and regularly volunteers at Amsterdam’s refugee shelter. Upholding the idea of human rights is not just her chosen profession, but also her personal commitment. This website reflects this commitment with the hope of helping women, even if just by raising awareness or provoking a meaningful discussion on the matter.