–Marcella Mizzi

ROME– France, supposedly the birthplace of human rights (nevermind that French activist and feminist Olympe de Gouges who wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Woman in 1791 was then executed for it), is caught in a debate on whether or not to ban the wearing of “Burkini’s” on beaches.

I have only one thought regarding this particular subject.

Wear this, don’t wear that, look like this, don’t look like that. Be it Islamic states, or western secularist states, women are constantly oppressed. Our lives, choices, bodies are subject to the public eye. Everyone feels entitled to enforce their opinion on us. Wonder why this is not happening with men? Because patriarchy. Have you already forgotten about the skirts in school debate? Girls were said to be distracting boys by wearing skirts and tank tops. Isn’t it the same as Islamists saying women are sexual objects that must be concealed under veils?

Let’s stop blaming each other and recognize at once that NONE of this is feminist and benefits women in any way. Why can’t women just be treated as equals?

The Burkini Debate in a Nutshell
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